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Grace for the moment: understanding we can’t do it all

The road is paved with good intentions, right? I had every intention of blogging once a week, keeping up with my classroom, my home and making new products for Teachers Pay Teachers. Surely I can do it all, right?


Especially considering that in two weeks I am moving to a new apartment and in June I am working on obtaining my Special Ed certification (yay!!!!). It is a lot for anyone to handle. But I want to try and do it all. After all, multitasking is teacher kryptonite.

Multitasking is not always the solution

Okay so I am not saying that multitasking is terrible. I can’t get through most of my school days without multitasking. The problem is, I try and take all that manic energy home. I try to watch tv, spend time with my husband, clean the apartment, make dinner, grade papers, create a new product and work on blog ideas all in one night. Do you see the problem?

No one can be expected to go through the day trying to do multiple things. I mean, sure I can do it. But that doesn’t mean I should do it. 

There will be some times that you have to multitask. I am not saying to avoid it altogether. I am saying that you should try and multitask less frequently. Teachers are superheroes, but they are still human.

Giving yourself grace doesn’t make you weaker, it makes you stronger

Giving yourself grace means that you are able to graciously “say no” and give yourself time and patience to get it all done, rather than trying to have it all done at once.

When I began blogging I received some advice that was something like this: whatever you do, be present in the moment with that task.

That means that if I am spending time with my husband, I need to toss that grading aside and cuddle on the couch. That means that instead of trying to write down blog ideas as I make dinner, I need to focus on making dinner instead of burning the spaghetti sauce.

Does that convict you? It does me.

For some reason, we think we have to be doing a hundred different things to be successful. That isn’t true. If we set aside our time and manage it carefully, we can experience success AND fulfillment as we undertake every adventure life throws our way.

What does that look like? Well, I have learned to get everything school related done at school. If I am behind on anything, I will stay at school and get it done there. I am not taking it home unless I absolutely have to.

It means that maybe I don’t try and clean my whole house everyday but pick chores to do every now and then to keep up.

It means that I’ll spend quality time with my husband eating dinner or watching TV and have my blog stuff in the other room.

It means setting aside an hour (but maybe not everyday) to work on products, brainstorm or write blog posts.

I may not have it all done, I may miss some posts or take things slowly. That doesn’t mean I am a failure, it just means I want to do everything the right way. I want to take my time and make it meaningful.

I have so many ideas for this site and I am so excited to share them with you in the coming months, but it may take months as I move to a new place and return to school. But I am learning that is okay. I am learning to give myself grace and appreciate things as they come.

I hope you will join me as we learn to be more present in the moment, gracious with ourselves and more fulfilled as we experience all life has to offer one step at a time. Now if you’ll excuse me, my hour is up and I have some boxes to pack:)